How To Create Your First Invoice Through Fingage

2019-05-10T18:49:00+05:30July 19th, 2018|Invoicing|

Set-Up Your Fingage Business Profile Now that you have chosen to formalize your business or profession Let's get started with account set-up and creating your first invoice. You may refer to our Guide on Setting Up Your Account on Fingage. Once that's done, the next logical step is to create your first professional invoice. Pre-Requisites [...]

How To Setup Your Account On Fingage

2019-05-13T16:04:02+05:30July 19th, 2018|Feature|

Register Your Account Login Your Account Add Your Business Register Your Account If this is your first time on Fingage, you must register for it with your basic details, you will be required to key in the following details: E-mail Id Full Name Password Phone Number You can register your business here It [...]

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