Ten Mistakes Entrepreneur Make While Starting Up

2018-10-19T19:12:38+05:30October 19th, 2018|Compliance|

Starting up a new business is always challenging and more often than not most of the entrepreneurs end up making the same mistakes. We are listing 10 most common mistakes which you can avoid in your startup and ensure more smooth operations: Book Keeping - Many a times, entrepreneurs take book-keeping for granted. While it [...]

Send Digital GST Compliant Invoices To Clients or Customers

2018-10-19T17:36:10+05:30August 10th, 2018|Invoicing|

"Social Selling" The New Opportunity Social Media selling from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are growing at a huge pace in India. Many households are reselling goods from the comfort of their home and doing a very good business. However one of the biggest challenges for these sellers is to convince their customers [...]

How To Create Your First Invoice Through Fingage

2019-05-10T18:49:00+05:30July 19th, 2018|Invoicing|

Set-Up Your Fingage Business Profile Now that you have chosen to formalize your business or profession Let's get started with account set-up and creating your first invoice. You may refer to our Guide on Setting Up Your Account on Fingage. Once that's done, the next logical step is to create your first professional invoice. Pre-Requisites [...]

How To Setup Your Account On Fingage

2019-05-13T16:04:02+05:30July 19th, 2018|Feature|

Register Your Account Login Your Account Add Your Business Register Your Account If this is your first time on Fingage, you must register for it with your basic details, you will be required to key in the following details: E-mail Id Full Name Password Phone Number You can register your business here It [...]

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