“Social Selling” The New Opportunity

Social Media selling from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are growing at a huge pace in India. Many households are reselling goods from the comfort of their home and doing a very good business. However one of the biggest challenges for these sellers is to convince their customers to pay in Advance.

Indian consumers are still not trustful of these sellers and prefer to order on “Cash on Delivery”, this is mostly because of a trust deficit between online sellers and their buyers.

However, that does not mean that social media selling is in a gloom. Recent trends have shown that online sellers who are doing business formally are gaining more business than those who are doing it informally.

Here, formally means providing proper invoices and collecting payment through an online payment gateway and not directly into the bank account or PayTm number.


Fingage has been designed for the new age businesses so that sellers focus on their business and not on managing the business. Here is a quick step by step process for setting up your business account on Fingage platform and send professional invoices to your clients and customers:

1. Sign-up on Fingage

2. Once Sign-up is complete, sign-in using your credentials

3. Select Role as “Admin”

4. “+Add Business”

5. Once you “+Add Business”, your business will reflect in Business Dashboard

6. Click on your business and view dashboard

7. Add Your Items

8. Add Customers

9. Send Digital Invoice with Payment Links and Collect Advance Payment

Please note that steps 1–7 are one time and need to be done only once. Once this much set-up is complete, you just have to add your customers and send them invoice and estimates online.

Our users have witnessed increased business by this automation. Once you complete the set-up, reply to this email and we will extend free subscription for 3 months.

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