Set-Up Your Fingage Business Profile

Now that you have chosen to formalize your business or profession Let’s get started with account set-up and creating your first invoice. You may refer to our Guide on Setting Up Your Account on Fingage. Once that’s done, the next logical step is to create your first professional invoice.

Pre-Requisites For Invoice Creation

Before generating a professional invoice, you shall have a pre-requisite set of data. These data points are:

  • Customer Information – You must have basic information about your customers/clients. This would include his/her Business Trade Name, Contact Details, Tax Details if Registered and Billing & Shipping Details. Most often the Billing and Shipping details will remain same. It is imperative to note that the tax implication will be decided on the basis of the shipping address. In Indian Context, if your business address and your customer/client’s shipping address falls in the same state (i.e intra-state supply) then our platform will auto calculate SGST and CGST, otherwise, it’ll calculate IGST (being an inter-state supply).

Add Customer


  • Item/Service Details – Once you have your customer details, the next step is to add your services and/or goods that you are providing to your clients/customers. This will essentially include a description of your goods or services, tax rate applicable and on what price you are will to provide this service/good. It is worthy to note that you can anytime edit this information during invoice creation.

Add Item

Create Your First Invoice

Once you have created the pre-requisite information in the system, you are all set to create your first invoice through Fingage. You simply need to navigate to Create Invoice Screen. Once You do that, on invoice creation screen you select your customer/client, add his/her shipping address if it’s different from communication address.

Add Invoice

Next, you select the service or goods that you are providing and the number of units for such goods. You can also edit the amount which you had originally provided.


Having done that you simply need to calculate and viola, your invoice is created and you can send this invoice to your clients right from inside the system.

Send InvoiceEmail Invoice

That’s as simple as using Facebook, the only difference is here you get paid too!

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